A day like this should be vividly remembered
When friends tell stories about past weddings, what is the first thing they mention?
The crab cakes?  The center pieces on the tables?  The wonderfully expensive wine?

Chances are, after an event people will bring up how much "fun" they had dancing or how horrendous the disc jockey was. Usually it's one or the other, which goes to show music has the power to either make or break a party.  Even something in the middle can have undesirable effects as guests will usually leave early if the energy isn't there.  For example, using an iPod in place of a disc jockey limits everyone to a much smaller song selection with virtually no possibility for playing special requests.  Knowing what a crowd generally wants to hear is nearly impossible to figure out until the party gets going.  A good DJ with a huge music collection can adjust on the fly to keep as many people dancing as possible.

DJ Doug
The music you provide your guests is incredibly important

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